The facility

I Gigli della Montagna, a vacation house operated by the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, came into being for the Jubilee in 2000.

The facility’s name, which means “mountain lilies,” evokes the affectionate moniker that Bishop Bignami bestowed upon the five founding sisters of the Congregation, which got its start in a small mountain village (Monterosso Almo, Ragusa).

Open to social, religious, and cultural tourism, I Gigli della Montagna belongs to AGIDAE (Associazione Gestori Istituti Dipendenti dall’Autorità Ecclesiastica – association of religious schools, founded in 1960) and is the ideal solution for pilgrims, tourists, students, professionals, and anyone else who wishes to spend a few days in the Eternal City. It is a spacious, clean facility that guarantees the same comforts as a hotel.